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Sep 05, 2021 | Andrew Rankin

Just Work - Daniel A Case Study


    Follow Along with the Message

    Daniel’s Career as an Administrator of Babylonia:


    1. He was  into the job.


    1. He was  for the job.


    1. He was  for the job.


    1. He was  in his  .


    • Propose a   test for a  .


    • “Very often it’s sufficient to stand up for righteousness by simply remaining in cheerful noncompliance with evil. Simply don’t participate.  When we’re expected to lie, we don’t lie.  When we’re expected to gossip, we don’t gossip.  When we’re expected to hurt other people who have hurt us, we don’t do that.”  Dallas Willard


    1. He   at his job.


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    Discovering and living out the justice of Jesus.

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